Air conditioners are one of the most important systems for any home in South Florida. Since they weather here is fairly warm most of the year they tend to get more wear and tear than other parts of the country because of the constant use. Because of that issues tend to come up more often than not if they are not maintained regularly.

But what are the typical AC unit problems that homeowners are likely to experience regularly? Well, that is what we are going to discuss in this post. Here are some of the most common air conditioner problems:

1. Clogged/Dirty Filter
One of the main reasons that an air conditioner could be having issues is a dirty or clogged filter. This is the part of the system that traps dirt and dust from the air sucked into the system. Over time, the dirt and dust will clog the filter making it difficult for the AC unit to work efficiently. Best practice is to change the filter at least once a month.

2. Refrigerant Leaks
For the air conditioner to work efficiently, the refrigerant must be maintained at a certain level. But if it is leaking, then it will drop to a level where it affects the performance of the aircon. One mistake that people make is refilling the refrigerant without solving the actual problem. The solution should be fixing the leak and then adding the refrigerant to the correct amount.

3. Thermostat Failure
A thermostat is a critical part of the air conditioning system. It gives the AC unit user the ability to controls the temperature setting in the room. However, due to constant adjustment and exposure to the environment, it is likely to get faulty. So if you find that the house is not heating or cooling as it should, then the problem could be the thermostat. You may need to have it repaired or replaced.

4. Drainage Problems
The drain line can easily become clogged with dirt, lint, and dust, especially when proper maintenance is not adhered to. When clogged, the drain pan will definitely fill up, and that will cause severe damages to the AC unit itself. It will also reduce the overall efficiency of the machine.

5. Electric Control Failure
Due to corrosion of the wires and terminals, the electrical connection could become faulty. You will probably find out that the AC unit is not powering on. Faulty breakers and fuses in the system could also be the reason why the motor is dead. In such cases, you need a technician to fix the problem.

These are the five common air conditioner problems that homeowners are likely to experience regularly. However, almost all of them are usually a result of poor or inadequate performance. However, you need an experienced technician to help fix these problems.

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