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Does Air Quality Affect Allergies?

Indoor air quality is equally as important as outside air quality. When you’re dealing with allergies and asthma, you should find a way to ensure air quality indoors is as clean as possible.

The factors below can affect indoor air quality:

chemicals, (VOCs) volatile organic compounds and scents
Outdoor air contamination

Indoor air may have a considerable measure of allergens, similar to dust mites, mold, pets, and cockroaches.

Dust mites; modest animals that may be found in numerous homes. They flourish in carpets, furniture, and bedding.

Individuals with pet sensitivity reactions are generally adversely affected by proteins within pet’s urine or dander. Pet allergens can gather on numerous surfaces. Now and again these allergens may stay at abnormal states for a while and stick to furniture, walls, apparel, and different surfaces.

Pet dander and dust mites may be found on:

Fabric furniture (Under and on top)
Rugs and carpets
Throws, curtains, and pillows
Among clutter
Under and over furniture

Mold is a serious thing to look out for in the home. It most certainly affects the level of air quality in your living environment, and not in a positive manner. Think about it. It is a fungus infecting the foundation of your home and spreading its way through the moist areas it found its way to. It may be the result of a flood or a leaky roof or just because of a damp area. No matter what the cause, it is not something you want to be breathing in.

So what exactly does it do to your indoor air quality? It creates an unhealthy breathing environment for you and your family. It may be toxic and can really result to allergies for some. You could be suffering from sneezing, wheezing, coughing, itching, and more just because of mold present in your indoor living environment. Just imagine the burden it can have on someone with asthma!

Some other things in a household can discharge gasses referred to as VOCs. This is canceled gassing. VOCs may be 2 to multiple times (about 5 times) higher inside than outside of the house.1 VOCs can have a few short-term impacts, yet specialists are yet not sure of long-haul impacts.

Origin of VOCs may include:
New sleeping cushions
New furniture
New building materials
Cleaning supplies
Paint and varnish
New carpet

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