How Often Should You Add Freon To Your Home Air Conditioner?

How Often Should You Add Freon To Your Home Air Conditioner?

You do not need to recharge your AC with freon if it is working properly. But you might need to add freon in some adverse conditions including a leak. You will need to add a freon in the following conditions.

Your AC is unable to blow cold air. There is a leak in the refrigerant. There is a poor installation. In all the above conditions, an expert can suggest you add the freon to improve the functionality of your AC.

Why should an AC never need a Freon?
There are two reasons. First, your AC does not need a refrigerant like the gas in a car. The job of the refrigerant is to absorb the heat from inside and then disperse the heat outside. It is a process of heat transfer to offer you required comfort and coolness in the summer. During this process, the liquid turns into the gas and then again into the liquid. Moreover, the refrigerant is quite capable to do this job without damaging itself.

In addition, the AC refrigerant comes as a sealed system that means the refrigerant will never escape from the AC unless there is a leak. Most homeowners do not know that low refrigerant comes due to the leakage and adding more will not resolve the problem without fixing the issue.

Refrigerant Leaks
A refrigerant leak is one most common causes of the low refrigerant. Your technician might not consider checking the leak. Instead, he will suggest adding Freon to improve the condition. Even if they add the Freon, you will not get the benefit for a long time. You will get the same problem once again after a week. The reason is that the root cause is not addressed. Your refrigerant is leaking out and you need to fix it before considering Freon. Frequent charging will only make you spend more. Therefore, you should hire an experienced service to find out the issue and to resolve it to get a lasting solution.

Most of the homeowners also believe that repairing a refrigerant leak will be costly. You will have to spend both on the repair and the contractor. But if you consider the cost of the replacement, you will certainly find it worth spending. Replacement cost will much more than the repairing.

Some other causes of the low refrigerant are the dirty air filter and the dirt on the outside units. In both these conditions, there will be low refrigerant.

How to fix the issue
You cannot fix the issue without knowing the cause. Therefore, it is always important to hire an expert to find out the reason and then they will decide what to do to improve the condition. If you are looking for an experienced service, you should us at Dove AC. We can fix the issue and offer a lasting solution without hurting your budget. Their team is skilled, experienced, and reliable.

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