Operating on a legacy of vision and innovation since 1895, Lennox invented the riveted-steel furnace and still remains a solid brand up through the present day

Sleep Easy With Lennox Air Conditioners


While saving you money is a top priority for Lennox, their residential air conditioners are also designed to be as quiet as possible. After all, no one likes to hear their AC running all throughout the night.

HVAC systems are by no means a simple system that’s why Lennox requires installation companies, like Dove Air Conditioning, to provide a first year warranty for all customers who have a Lennox product installed.

Lennox continues to push the envelope on modern air conditioning technologies with their new solar-powered heating and cooling system, thermostat with built in Wi-Fi connectivity, and the environmentally friendly Ozone-free indoor air quality systems.

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All of these Lennox products that we offer are highly-sophisticated systems and should only be installed by a Dove HVAC expert technician.

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