Preparing Your Air Conditioner For The Hot Summer

It is always a great idea to ensure that your A/C is fully functioning before the South Florida heat is in full force. Below are some great tips to ensure that your system is running efficiently before summer comes.

1. Check The Air Conditioning Unit
Before anything else, you should first have a look at your air conditioning unit particularly if this is the first time you are going to start it after winter. Examine the outdoor unit panels; they are designed to cover electrical connection and ought to ready to shield both you and the system. It can be very risky for you and your equipment if a panel is missing or is misaligned. If you note that the panel enclosing the electrical connection is missing or is misaligned, you should contact a reputable HVAC technician prior to starting the system.

2. Clean The Region Around The Air Conditioner
You should always make sure that the area around the air conditioner unit is always clear and also free from debris. In case there are branches, plants or anything else that is blocking the region or touching the air conditioner, clear it away. Likewise, ensure you don’t grow shrubbery near the unit as this might put more strain on the A/C and raise your energy bills. Make sure that nothing is blocking the airflow or the air conditioning unit.

3. Clean The Condenser Coil
Always make sure that you clean the condenser coils on your system. Ensuring that the condenser coils, as well as the evaporator of your system, are clean and free from any foreign material will do more in maintaining the operating efficiency and also increase the equipment life. You can consider cleaning the condenser coils on your own; however, it is advisable to hire the services of a professional.

4. Replace The Indoor Air Filters
As the new season approaches, it is advisable that you replace the indoor air filters. Your air filters could have accumulated some debris and dust in winter and hence need to be replaced. You should always inspect your air filters and supplant them anytime you find the dirty. This will ensure that the air filters of your system do not have dirt or dust that would otherwise block the free circulation of fresh air at home.

5. Check Your Thermostat
Set the temperature on your system so that it reaches the “cool” settings. The system ought to turn on without much delay and provide a stream cold air. If this does not happen, then there may be an issue that requires calling an HVAC technician. Ensure that you consult the technician as early as possible since they are very busy amid the summer. This will ensure that you don’t get stuck when it gets hot.

When summer comes, you want to make sure that you are ready to keep your home comfortable and cool. The above easy tips can help to keep your A/C functional for the summer. These will also help you save huge amounts on your bills.

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