Ruud has been constantly producing state-of-the-art cooling and heating equipment since the 1950s. As the times have changed over the past half of a century, Ruud has had to update and improve their technology and adjust their manufacturing processes. However, what hasn’t changed is their commitment to producing the most reliable and efficient equipment that money can buy. Ruud Air Conditioners


Above all else, Ruud has made it their goal to be known for their exceptional product quality. Every part of Ruud’s process of turning raw materials into high quality air conditioners has been broken down and molded into perfection to make sure their reputation is not tarnished.

Dove’s Commitment To Quality

Dove Air Conditioning lives by this same motto. From the day we install your air conditioning unit until the day it is removed, Dove will be there to ensure that it is always working and providing comfort to your home. Ruud has many different AC units available for residential use, come and find the one that best fits your needs today with the experts at Dove.

Ask The Experts At Dove

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