Trane is the only manufacturer to offer an all-aluminum Spine- Fin outdoor coil. These coils provide greater heat-transfer capabilities which result in better resistance to corrosion and higher efficiency levels. Trane Air Conditioners


Trane is also leading the way in clean air technology by delivering a whole-home air filtration system that is capable of removing nearly 100% of allergens.

Trane Products Are Built To Last

Trane products are made to withstand the elements even with our hot, south Florida sun. At Trane, each product is tested under extreme conditions for reliability and durability. They guarantee that if it doesn’t survive their tortuous testing, you’ll never see it available for sale.

Because of Trane’s commitment to excellence, Dove is proud to install and service their products. You can trust that if it meets the Dove standard then it will meet yours as well.

Here at Dove we only work with the best and recommend that you should too. Need more information about Trane products? Come in and ask a Dove expert today why you should use a Trane AC system in your home.

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