What Happens When You Don’t Change Your Air Filter Regularly

Air filters are some of the under-appreciated parts of HVAC system. They are important because they filter dust and pollen that can circulate through the house and lower air quality. They also offer defense against large items that may be pulled into the system and can cause serious damages or even present a fire risk. If you fail to change your air filter regularly, all this can turn against you. It is important to note that a congested air filter is the main cause of HVAC system to working properly.

All air handled by the air conditioning system has to pass through the air filter. The filter catches dust, pet dander, mold, and fabric fibers among many other elements. With time, the fine mesh might become denser and fail to perform well. This means if you fail to change the air filter regularly, fine air cannot pass through as required. So, what happens when you don’t change your air filter regularly.

1. It will reduce the life of your system
The main reason why a system breaks down is a result of a dirty filter. If dirt particles accumulate in the filter, air will not pass, making the system to overheat. This means the motor will have to work extra hard. In a good case, your system will require minor repairs, but in a bad case, you may be required to buy a new system. Changing the filter is a simple way to prolong the life your system.

2. You will incur high energy costs
When the air filter is not working, the system motor will need more energy to work harder. This means that it will use more energy causing your energy bill to shoot up. But if you can manage to change your air filter regularly, you can actually save from 5 percent to 15 percent on your energy costs.

3. You will have unhealthy air quality
Having unhealthy air quality in your house means your family can easily suffer from allergies or asthma. In addition, a dirty air filter will worsen the quality of the air and this can worsen the symptoms. If you have a pet in the house, this can make things worse because pet dander will accumulate in the system then spread allergies in the house. It is cheaper to replace an air filter than incurring unnecessary hospital bills.

4. You will not have peace
Failing to replace your air filter means extra utility costs, extra repair and services, and purchasing system parts that you have not budgeted for. But changing it is cheap, easy and can help you save some money. It will also reduce the amount of energy your family members use.

5. Keeping your system dirty
Dirt accumulated up in the filter can lead to failure of the whole system. This means you will incur an extra cost of buying another system, something you had not planned for.

Apart from changing your air filter regularly, it is also important to have the entire system checked and maintained. Feel free to contact us today at Dove AC to examine the system and ensure it is working properly.

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