When Replacing the Outdoor Air Conditioning Unit, Should The Inside Unit Also Be Replaced?

When Replacing the Outdoor Air Conditioning Unit, Should The Inside Unit Also Be Replaced?

Split air-conditioners come with an indoor and an outdoor unit. The outdoor unit contains the component known as a condenser. Condensers are present in the duct and ductless air-conditioning systems. It performs the function of circulating the air between indoors and outdoors.

There are so many factors that may make your air conditioning outdoor unit to fail some of them are: 

When it starts to leak
It will stop functioning properly when there is a leak in the tubes. Since there are several seals and tubes in this unit, there is a greater probability of leaks due to wear and tear. And in such scenarios, a replacement is the best option, and so you will need to get a new one. In most cases when the air conditioning is changed, the other parts like the tubes and the compressor also need to be changed.


The presence of metallic particles in the tube can block proper circulation of the refrigerant. The debris is usually the internal parts falling out of the defective compressor of an air-conditioner. These particles disperse through the entire system thus preventing the proper flow of the fluid. In such cases, along with the air conditioning, you will need to replace the receiver dryer, compressor, and the orifice tubes.

Whenever you see the signs shown below then you should know that you need to replace the outdoor unit of your air conditioner.

• The efficiency of cooling decreases.
• The air conditioning process stops functioning completely

Modern air conditioners are a sealed unit and the air conditioning is inside it. It is not possible to replace the outdoor without opening the whole unit so that you can replace the indoor unit. This kind of air conditioners will require that you buy the whole unit so that you can replace. The manner in which they are sealed cannot allow you to replace the outdoor unit alone.

There are also some air conditioners that can allow you to replace the outdoor unit without replacing the inner outdoor unit. These air conditioners are not sealed with the inside unit, they are just screwed and what you will need is to screw it up. After doing these you can replace the old outdoor unit with a new one that you have bought. The air conditioner will then start to function well. 

The air conditioners with such a design that allows you to replace only the outdoor unit are easy to replace and do not consume much time in replacing it.

If you notice any changes in the temperature or feel that the air conditioning is not working properly, the best option is to call us.

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