Why Is My Air Conditioner Blowing Hot Air? Know The Reasons

With the arrival of summer and outside temperature starting to heat up, there will be an increase in the use of air conditioner as it is very important for making the indoor temperature comfortable. But for this you need to ensure that the air conditioner is working effectively because if there are some problems with the unit, it will make it very difficult for you to face the unbearable heat.

There are different issues that can affect the air conditioner and one of the most common issues is when your air conditioner is blowing hot air. If you are wondering why is my air conditioner blowing hot air, then you need to know that something is wrong with the unit and you will need professional assistance of HVAC contractors.

You will never want that your air conditioner to heat your home rather than cooling it as it can become very unbearable especially during the sultry summer months. A broken air conditioner will lead to the rise in emergency situations and thus you will need to ensure that you get as early as possible for getting a comfortable atmosphere in your home.

If you want to know why your air conditioner is blowing hot air, then there are different reasons for air conditioner blowing hot air which you may encounter and knowing the cause is very important for dealing with the issue effectively. As you are not experienced enough to deal with the problem yourself, you will need to seek the assistance of the HVAC professionals at Dove AC who will inspect your unit for finding out the issue at the earliest.

The most common cause is when the thermostat set to heat as it can happen often either due to finger nudge or accidental bump and you will need to hire professionals for looking into the issue so that it can be resolved. Another reason why your air conditioner is blowing hot air is when the outdoor unit is clogged because when there is a debris, dirt and dust clogging the outside unit; it will lead to restriction of airflow thereby causing the hot air to blow.

Another common reason is when the outdoor unit has lost power even though when the indoor unit is operating which will eventually result in hot air blowing through the vents. This can be when the emergency shutoff switch of the air conditioner has flipped or outdoor unit has tripped and thus in these situations, you will need to contact HVAC professionals who will look into the matter affecting your air conditioner.

Even when the coils of the air conditioner is dirty, it will lead to the hot air blowing through the vents and with annual air conditioner inspection, the professionals will clean the coils at the time of inspection. This will help you in getting the desired results so that your air conditioner will function in the best manner throughout the summer months. The professional HVAC contractors at Dove AC can provide the best option for you for dealing with all kind of problems affecting your unit.

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