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How To Fix Your Air Conditioner When It Freezes Up

Installing an air conditioner can allow you to enjoy more comfort in your home. However, are you aware that your AC can develop issues from time to time? You will note that one of those main issues is freezing. If your unit freezes, you are likely to notice a buildup of frost on the copper that comes from the system. There are some instances that the frost can build up to the extent of forming full blocks of ice. This can be detrimental. If this happens, you should hire an expert to fix this problem for you. If your unit has this problem, it might not be able to cool your home effectively. You may have to open the windows and doors in order to cool your house, causing inconvenience. The good news is that this can be alleviated relatively easily. Here are some ideas on how to fix your air conditioner when it freezes up:

  1. Let The Ice Thaw
    This is the first thing that you should do once you notice that your AC has frozen. How can you achieve this objective? You should first turn your air conditioner off. In this case, you can let your air conditioner remain off for several hours so that the ice can thaw. In addition to turning your air conditioning system off, you should ensure that the blower is on. Also, avoid running your AC while the evaporator coil is frozen as this might actually strain the compressor and damage your unit. Removing the ice on your own can be detrimental. You will realize that this can actually compromise the components of your unit.
  2. Dry The Coils
    You can dry the coils of your unit after the ice has thawed. If you want the coils to dry quicker, you should position the blower or fan so that air can circulate most effectively. You will note that your system will start operating normally after you have dried the coils. However, it is important that you try to uncover some of the underlying issues that caused your unit to freeze in the first place. A dirty air filter can contribute to this problem. If your evaporator coils are dirty, your unit might freeze in the long run. This is because your unit can actually get bogged down with debris and impede airflow. This can lead to freezing.

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