Signs Your Walk-In Cooler Needs to Be Repaired

Signs Your Walk-In Cooler Needs to Be Repaired

Many businesses including convenience stores, restaurants and florists, etc. need a walk-in cooler as one of the most essential equipment for storing and preserving their perishable ingredients. They will have to face financial losses if their walk-in cooler does not work properly. So the owner of the business should not ignore the signs that alert them about the problem in their cooling system so that a cooler repair service can be contacted as soon as possible. Here are some signs your walk-in cooler needs to be repaired.

Problem in door: 

Usually people do not care much about the door of their walk-in cooler. There can be various types of wear and tear in the door like its gaskets can wear with time, it can spill water on the floor due to leakage of air caused by worn of gasket and the humidity level inside the cooler can increase more than required.

A worn out door closer of the walk-in cooler can waste lots of energy if not changed or fixed in time. Your cooling unit will have to work hard to maintain required temperature inside it if its door does not close properly. All such defects can not only reduce the lifespan of the cooling unit but also increase the cost of its repair. Its gasket can stop working properly due to the failure of its heater strip which can build up ice around the frame of your cooling unit along with stuck its doors.

Your walk-in cooler may face safety problems if water is leaking from its seams. Such leakages can help in gathering of mildew and mold. There can be several reasons of such issues including poor installation, old unit or faulty condensation. In order to assess the cost of its repairs you should call an experienced contractor as he will thoroughly check the entire unit for this purpose.

Problem in evaporator:
The part of your walk-in cooler that cools the contents by removing humidity and heat from them is known as evaporator. If you find that coils are frozen and water is dripping from its drain then they are the clear sign that dirt and contaminants have blocked the proper flow of air into your cooling unit. It can also indicate the shortage of refrigerant in your unit.

Temperature fluctuations:
If your walk-in cooler is facing problem in maintaining its temperature consistently then it can be a sign of some major problem in your cooling unit. Some of the latest models of walk-in coolers have sensors to alert you if it is not maintaining its temperature to certain level.

Strange odors:
In case of leakage in the coolant you will notice odd odors in and nearby your cooling unit as it is not chilling your contents properly.

If you have experiencing any of these signs or issues contact us today at Dove AC for a consultation and quote at (561) 746-3757.

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