When To Change Your HVAC Air Filter

When To Change Your HVAC Air Filter

Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) systems help in maintaining quality indoor air, providing enough ventilation having filtration to provide comfort. If you
properly maintain the air filtration and HVAC system then everyone in your home will enjoy quality air and better conditions. This will also result in an efficient HVAC system. To ensure that HVAC system are always in good condition make sure that the air filters used are of high Minimum Efficiency Rating Value (MERV) so that many contaminants may be blocked.

Regularly maintaining homes can reduce unexpected expenses and problems which may arise from time to time. One of activities that is important is checking and regularly changing HVAC system filters at homes. It is not complex and highly affordable and taking care in every three months ensures comfort and reduction of repairs.

New homes usually have a combination of HVAC systems, ventilation or even heating systems. All these use air filters that prevent any kind of particle from blocking or entering into the system. Dirty filters can lead to pressure drop which can result to no air infiltration. This will make the system HVAC work harder in order to keep the building cool or warm causing stress to the whole system.

Another reason why you should change your dirty filters regularly is that they can become damp if you don’t. This can lead to formation of mold which if not realized early enough will spread all over the home or building through the HVAC system. The occupants will be risking their health and the compromised unit may require servicing or to some extent replacement according to the damage caused.

There are many HVAC filters in the market and it’s recommended to use one that is appropriate for your unit. If the wrong filters are used then you may experience problems such as those of having dirty filters.

Make it a priority to service your filters in HAVC system at least once a year. Always seek help from a professional when evaluating the system if you don’t have appropriate training. It is recommended to change the filters monthly but at the very least four times  a year. However, if you have pets, a large family, use fireplace occasionally or even smoke indoors this can be dangerous therefore it is recommended every month to check your filters.

Other factors to consider are area of residence i.e. whether you live on a ranch, large gardens, and windy area or near a construction site. Another important factor is if someone has allergies or respiratory conditions. If the filter is damp, have microbial growth or damaged an immediate action should be taken. When changing the filter, turn off the unit, use right filter and strictly follow directions.

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