Tips To Reduce Your Air Conditioning Bills

Tips To Reduce Your Air Conditioning Bills

The scorching heat experienced during summer is capable of making your life extremely uncomfortable without the proper air conditioning. Luckily a good air conditioner can provide you with the comfort you seek after spending the day in the oppressive heat.

However, the downside is that running the air conditioning can lead to high utility bills due to the increased energy consumption. It consumes ten times more energy when compared to a typical rotary fan. That why we have compiled few simple tips to help you significantly slash your cooling bills and save you money on your next summer’s utility bill.

1. Use normal fans

According to the National Resource Defense Council utilizing any circulating fan can make you feel ten degrees cooler due to the wind-chill effect. This will help you cut down your electricity bills by circulating the chilly air less expensively.

To make it more efficient, make sure you turn off the fan when no one is using it. Even better, you can integrate a smart ceiling fan with a high-tech app to help you control their speed and schedule them when to turn on and off.

2. Maintain the air conditioner regularly

Air conditioners are highly susceptible to clogging with gunk and other dirt particles. Faulty AC filters will also significantly reduce the efficiency of your cooling system. You are therefore recommended to clean both outdoor and indoor units and replace the filters regularly to maintain optimal functionality of the cooling unit and to help you slash your air conditioning bills.

3. Avoid heat build-up

Heat emitting appliances such as ovens can lead to heat build-up in your house, therefore, contributing to the increased conditioning bills. It is important to turn off these appliances to prevent overworking your AC unit. If possible, postpone activities involving the use of these heat emitting appliances until after dark when temperatures are relatively low.

Additionally, closing high reflective blinds and curtains on a sunny day can help minimize heat build-up by up to 45%.

4. Consider programmable thermostat

Programmable thermostats, unlike manually operated thermostat, do not forget to switch off or stop the compressor to maintain the recommended temperatures. To help you save more energy, set the thermostat at high temperature when no one is at home. Also, try to keep low temperatures around 77 degrees fahrenheit. It might be a little hot, but you will reap the monetary rewards later.

5. Consider quality attic insulation

Roofs tend to get heated up faster when exposed to the sun, and this eventually raises the temperatures in your home. However, attic insulation can do a fantastic job of blocking the heat from the sun by reflecting back heat. It additionally prevents fresh air from escaping thus maintain cool temperatures inside your house.

Are you experiencing any problems with your attic insulation or facing any other air conditioning problems? Do you feel like you are up to your neck in energy bills? If yes contact us today at Dove AC for a consultation and appointment to have your air conditioning installed or repaired. Our team of highly skilled and experienced HVAC experts provides professional-level air conditioning services to help you stay cooler at an affordable price. 

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