Why Your Air Conditioner Is Not Cooling

Why Your Air Conditioner Is Not Cooling

If your air conditioner is not cooling during the warm South Florida weather, which is a good part of the year, then nothing can be more uncomfortable than this situation. You will have to find out why it is not cooling as it can stop cooling due to various technical reasons. Some of these reasons are briefly described below.

 Dirty coils:

If the condenser coils of your air conditioner are dirty then it can slow down cooling. In fact the condenser of your A/C disperses away the heat removed from the internal air like the radiator of your car. The heat dispersing efficiency of your cooling device will reduce if its coils are loaded with dirt and debris. It will also affect the cooling capacity of your unit.

Blocked air filter:
If the air filter of your A/C is blocked or clogged even then it may not cool your room properly. The cooling capacity if your unit reduces because of restricted flow of air. In this situation you should clean the air filter or replace it, if necessary.

Problem in compressor:
The responsibility of cooling your room is dependent on the compressor of your air conditioner. If there is some defect in the compressor, even then your A/C will not cool your room properly. In fact the compressor in your unit works like your heart as its motor compresses the coolant to circulate it through the condenser coils and evaporator. Any problem in the compressor will reduce the cooling capacity of your A/C unit.

Low amount of coolant:
Your air conditioner sends the cool air into your room when it flows over the coils of evaporator through which coolant is circulated by its compressor. But your AC will stop cooling your room if the amount of coolant in it is less than normally required. You will have to refill its coolant to ensure its proper working.

Faulty thermostat:
The thermostat of your AC stops and starts its cooling cycle by sensing the temperature in your room. This cooling cycle will get disturbed if its thermostat is defective. It may not cool your room consistently.

High temperature of the environment:
Your AC works efficiently at an optimum temperature. If the temperature of the atmosphere is too high then it may not be able to cool your room to the required level. Sometime, in such condition your compressor can also stop working properly.

Defect in other parts:
Your air conditioner may not be able to cool your room if some of its other parts are defective. These parts may include defective control board, compressor’s capacitor, defective motor and choked capillaries etc.

Small A/C Unit:
While buying an A/C within their budget people may buy a smaller size than what is required by size of the area that needs to be cooled. It will be difficult for a small AC to cool a large room adequately, especially during the peak of summer season. You should buy an AC according to the size of your home or business.

The bottom line is this, if your air conditioner is not cooling your home or business properly contact us at Dove AC for appointment and consultation.

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