What Size Air Conditioner Do You Need?

While talking about the size of your air conditioner, it is not related to the physical size of the appliance but it implies with the capability of that device to cool your space. The cooling capacity of an air conditioner can be neared in terms of British Thermal Units or BTU. So if you choose an air conditioner of right size on the basis of the area it has to cool then you can get an appliance with the best efficiency at a low cost of operation regardless of choosing a central cooling system or a window air conditioner.

At this stage, a question arises, how to choose an air conditioner of the right size for your space. While calculating the size of your air conditioner, first you will have to calculate the size of the space in square feet which you want to cool through your cooling system.

Size Calculation
The size of the space to be cooled by your air conditioner can be calculated by multiplying its length and width. After getting the area of the room you will have to multiply the resultant with 25 to get BTU of the air conditioner you are going to buy. An air conditioner of this BTU value can provide enough cooling to your space in any season whether the day is hot, rainy, humid or sunny.

For instance, if the room is 16 feet long and 11 feet wide then its area will become 16 x 11 = 176 square feet. Now to get the BTU value of your air conditioner you will have to multiply 176 square feet area with 25 BTU as 25 BTU can adequately cool one square feet area. Thus the right cooling capacity of your air conditioner will be 4400 BTU.

Choosing the right air conditioner
After getting the right cooling capacity of air conditioner people usually think about whether they should install a smaller air conditioner or a bigger one than the real value you have. In this situation, you should think over the following facts.

  • If you install a smaller air conditioner then it will have to work harder and constantly to provide adequate cooling. It can also increase your power consumption bill. It may not cool your area effectively.
  • If you go for a larger air conditioner then you may be able to cool your room at faster speed. There are some issues in installing an air conditioner of too large size as it can restrain you to use your cooling device primarily.
  • When you use a large air conditioner for cooling your space then no doubt it will cool the room quickly but it will also extract humidity from the room air which can cause sticky and hot feeling after some time.
  • Moreover, if the air conditioner is too large then its on/off cycle will be also very frequent

So after calculating BTU for your air conditioner, you should select one with cooling capacity nearest to the calculated BTU. Thus, it is not advisable to opt for a too small or too large air conditioner.

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