Here’s What You Need To Know About Your Air Conditioner Thermostat

An AC thermostat is basically a device which controls your air conditioner unit. Its main role includes turning the AC unit or heater On and Off. If you don’t use your AC thermostat accordingly i.e. as instructed by its manufacturer, your unit will fail to produce desirable cooling results. It is therefore important you master the tricks on how to correctly utilize your AC thermostat so that the air conditioner unit installed in your home or office can always produce dependable cooling effects. Here are some facts about your AC thermostat you need to know:

How an AC Thermostat Works
If you change your thermostat temperature, it will determine how long your air conditioner unit will run. This is because adjusting the temperature of any AC thermostat is meant to determine if the run- cycle’ will be shorter or longer, based on what the current temperature is in the home. In case your AC thermostat is not offering desirable results, it is recommended you reset it.

How to Reset your AC Thermostat
Turn off your air conditioner unit at the thermostat first. You should then go to your AC thermostat and turn it off. Once you set your AC thermostat to Off’, look for your AC unit’s circuit breaker box and reset your AC’s circuit breaker. You should then wait for approximately half an hour and then set your AC thermostat to On’.

However, if you reset your AC thermostat but your unit still fails to deliver the cooling results you expect, it is likely that your thermostat is having some mechanical problems and thus need to be repaired.

Symptoms of a Failing or Bad AC Thermostat
-The thermostat is causing the temperature to change erratically.
– It is overheating and the temperature gauge giving very high readings.

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