Causes for Indoor Air Pollution

Causes for Indoor Air Pollution

Increasing pollution in indoor air can cause a number of health problems including allergies, asthma etc. You can make better arrangements to improve the quality of indoor air if you know the causes behind it. Some of the commons causes of pollution in indoor air are briefly described here below.

Smoke is one of the most common causes of polluting indoor air whether it comes from stoves, fireplaces, cigarettes or fire for cooking food. Its long and persistent exposure can increase the risk of lung cancer and respiratory problems like asthma, etc. It can be prevented by avoiding cigarette smoking inside the home as well as installing chimneys and ventilators in the home to let the smoke fly out.

It is an invisible radioactive gas that is usually found in certain building materials or underneath the formations of certain rocks. It can cause death of thousands of people every year by increasing the risk of lung cancer. This gas can be removed from a space safely by removing its source with the help of professional experts.

Consistent exposure to these harmful allergens can cause various types of allergies and respiratory problems like asthma, etc. they grow in warm, dark and damp places. You can prevent their infestation by keeping your dry and less humid by checking the leaks in water and drain pipes.

VOCs or Volatile Organic Compounds:
Certain liquids and solids products like varnishes, paints, cleaning products, paint removers, glues building materials, office equipment including copiers and printers and adhesives emit these toxic gases. They can cause health problems for short as well as long period of time like dizziness, nausea and headaches along with various types of cancers and failure of organs etc. This problem can be resolved by reducing the use of VOC containing products in your home and improving its ventilation.

It was declared harmful in 1975 as it can cause lungs problem when inhaled for long time. It is mainly used as building material since long. Mesothelioma and lung cancer are some of the health problems created by the use of asbestos. Removal of asbestos from your house can be made less harmful for the environment if it is handled by trained professionals.

Carbon Monoxide:
This odorless and colorless gas is emitted by fossil fuels when they are burnt. It is also emitted by defective furnaces, heating devices, automobiles and even smoking cigarettes. Being a toxic gas, it can cause unconsciousness, nausea and even death in certain cases. A properly working carbon monoxide detector should be installed in the home to know its level in your indoor air. Furnaces should be inspected and cleaned regularly to avoid untoward condition.

Ozone: Electricity and ultraviolet light are the main sources of this gas. Though it is available in high quantity at high altitudes but its presence on the ground cannot be ignored. It can cause health problems like chest pain, asthma and short breath. Its concentration in you indoor can be reduced by ventilating your home properly.

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