Why Does Your AC Have A Bad Smell?

As the weather warms up, more and more people use their air conditioner to maintain a comfortable home temperature. Of course, regardless of whether your A / C functions perfectly, it is necessary, but there are possible problems to be explored if you do not have the chance to see strange odors coming from the device when it is turned on. Why does your AC have an unpleasant smell?? There may be different reasons for this, so monitoring what can make the scent bad will let you decide how to eliminate all the unpleasant smells from the air conditioner. As a homeowner, you will most likely praise our air conditioning systems to ensure you have a fresh and cozy air ‘here are Why does your AC have a bad smell?

Cigarette Smell
This smell is typical among owners, especially for owners of old houses. If you or any of your family member smoke cigarettes this makes the air conditioner trap vapors to the evaporator. Because the smell flows through the way, the coil of the evaporator spreads the smell of previous cigarettes into the house whenever it starts. The simplest reduction of evaporator coil will help release the remaining cigarettes.

Burning Smell
Your air conditioner may smell like its burning. If you turned on your heating on for the first time in quite a while, the smell of flame may indicate the defects of the mechanical and fan of the AC or mechanical device. Close your air conditioner and make sure that the odor does not return from a special air conditioning device. If so, show that your HVAC home is successful for enabling.

Dirty Sock Type Smell
When you open the air conditioner and your home starts smelling similar to dirty socks this means the water is living in a certain moment of change, it will penetrate through the ventilation opportunities every time the system starts. You can adjust the noise error by upgrading the running pipe for normal routes in the weather system. If there is something that prevents the proper drainage, remove the prevention or help support from Dove AC.

AC Smells Like Rotten Garbage
If your air conditioner smells like rotten garbage, which is one of the worst odors in this list, then you will probably need to solve the problem quickly. This probably caused by birds, mice or some animal who died in the air conditioner and began to decay.

Electric smell
There are electrical problems in many other homes, so it’s no wonder that a home with a more experienced air conditioner can cause an odor that resembles an electric odor when turned on. One possible way to determine this fragrance from the air conditioner involves replacing the blower fan that has been used in the device. In addition, a short circuit in the printed circuit can cause the smell of electricity from the air conditioning system, which was turned on after a long period of neglect.

Oil Smell
The smell of oil from the air conditioner may be the result of an oil leak from the system. The proximity of the oil will also indicate a leak, so look for both oil and odor while testing this problem. The technician can fasten the couplings on the device to ensure that leaks are stopped, as well as the areas in which the fittings can be attached to the tank, oil line or duct. An additional reason for the smell of oil from the air conditioning system may be a damaged oil burner.

If you think your AC has one or more of these smells listed above, contact us at Dove AC for a consultation and quote. You can call us 24/7 | Palm Beach (561) 746-3757 | Treasure Coast (772) 232-1232.


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