Symptoms Of A Bad Home Thermostat

During the process of heating and cooling, your thermostat can undergo some technical problems and gives undesired results. Causes of these failures can be identified depending on the results that it gives. Dove AC have experienced professional technicians that can sort your thermostat problems out. They scrutinize the faulty thermostat and identify the failing components and thereafter with them professionally.

There are different causes of thermostat failures and below are most common symptoms:

To start with, when your thermostat fails to operate there are basic things that you can try to do to get it to work again. First, replace its batteries to see whether display will turn on and make sure the power switch is at its correct setting. Lithium batteries are recommended because its fluids cannot run out quickly unlike Alkaline ones.

Second, wiring defects in the thermostat can stop electrical signals sent to the heating or cooling system. This will prevent the heater/ air conditioner to turn on. The best solution to this could be replacement of the wires to carry electrical signals to the heating/cooling system. Another problem causing this could also be loose connection that requires tightening only to complete connection to both systems. This is not the only case, your thermostat can start the furnace and fail to turn off and can cause serious problems. This can be due to issues in programming. This is the reason why Dove AC is there for you to help!

Third, you may experience varying temperatures which could actually tell you that something is wrong with your system. This happens as a result of wrong switching of the HVAC system and it is caused by poor location of thermostats. Poor locations actually leads to poor reading of temperatures. To avoid this, Dove AC experts recommend that thermostats be located close to the filter in order to collect the most accurate information. On the other hand, sources of heat like fireplaces can cause these inaccurate results. Installing thermostats near outside doors or windows can also lead to poor temperature readings.

Finally, after a long service, thermostats could require battery replacement. This can coincide with other failures and therefore replacement becomes the start of the problems. If after battery replacement your thermostat fails, then call a Dove AC certified professional to check and service your thermostat. Do not attempt repairs without knowing exactly what the problem is, you might be preparing your thermostat for the worst performance.

We have learned above the symptoms of a bad thermostat and the priority is to consult Dove AC professional to give attention to any concern and solve it appropriately. There are so many other symptoms but the above mentioned are the most common ones.

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