Why The Air In Your Home May Be Making You Sick

Maintaining high air quality is a top priority to the existence of human being and therefore you need to ensure that you take in the fresh air that keeps healthy. Fresh air is always unforgettable because it brings more energy to your lungs and makes your life existence worth it. Unfortunately, most people don’t experience fresh air too often as most of their surrounding (air) is often polluted. Dirty air which is polluted by gas exhausts from vehicles, dust particles, moisture, humidity among others usually makes people become sick. The worst part always comes from the indoor because the air inside the house is ever more polluted than the air outside.

Indoor air pollution is a direct recipe for sickness and therefore you don’t need to ask yourself:Why the air in your home may be making you sick?. It makes your throat scratchy, skin dry or eyes watery among other sick building syndromes.Poorly ventilated buildings and homes are dangerous to the life of people as they make toxins to easily accumulate in stagnant air in the house. Research and studies from recognized agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency have shown that poor indoor air quality is always linked to real symptoms of conditions such as the following:

• Digestive challenges
• Fatigue, lethargy, and dizziness
• Respiratory tract diseases such as pneumonia, bronchitis, ear infections among others
• Damage to kidneys, central nervous system and to the liver
• Increased frequency and severity of the episodes of asthma infection
• Chronic health conditions such as cancer, infertility and heart disease
• Skin, throat, nose and eye irritation

Indoor air pollution is dangerous as it lays a great foundation for more diseases. Therefore, it is important to always pay attention to methods and techniques that will allow you to fix this problem within the shortest time possible. Purifying air needs a more multi-faceted and dynamic approach which is distinctive in every household.

Having said, the following techniques can be employed to help you fight indoor air pollution in your house and consequently prevent you from becoming sick.

1. Improve ventilation in your own house
It’s always advisable to open a number of your windows in the house on a daily basis for about ten minutes. This one allows free air circulation in the house with cross ventilation. You can also employ exhaust fans in very vulnerable places like the bathroom and your kitchen.

2. Get a high-quality air conditioning system and ensure it’s regularly maintained
Air toxins and pollution can easily be controlled in the house using a high-quality air purifier. Ensure you purchase the one with better performance and that can generate fresh air in the house for your family. Additionally, you have to ensure that your air conditioning system is regularly maintained to improve its performance. For instance, it’s encouraged that you keep on replacing its filter to improve their efficiency.

3. Use personal care and non-toxic cleaning products
Always avoid items such as scented candles and air fresheners that can bring air pollution in the house. You can also put away old containers, unwanted chemicals safely and promptly. It is recommended that you clean your house regularly to ensure that you reduce chances of pest, mold and odor challenges.

4. Obtain some houseplants
Studies have shown that plants importantly improve air quality in the house. You can get detoxifying houseplants like Ivy, Christmas Cactus, Peace Lily, and African Violets to improve your indoor air.

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