Energy Saving Tips: How Sealing Air Leaks Reduces Your Energy Bills

For your HVAC system to work efficiently, it does not only depend on its condition but also the condition of the house or office. If you find that even after maintaining the air conditioning system your energy bills continue to go up, then you need to check how well your home/office is air sealed. Air sealing is a process of fixing air leaks to help keep the conditioned air (warm or cold) in and the outside air out. But how do air leaks affect your utility bills?

Air leaks will increase energy bills. Your HVAC system could be in good condition, but if there are air leaks, then you will continue paying high energy bills. The HVAC system cools or heats the room to the set temperature. If the room reaches the set temperature, the system will stop, and very small energy is needed to maintain that temperature. That is if there is no air leak. If the air is leaking, then the air conditioning system will continue working throughout. That means more energy is consumed and hence the high energy bill. In fact, the cost can 40% of the bill.

Key Areas That You Need To Check for Air Sealing
There are common areas in the house which are notorious for getting air leaks. If you fix these areas, then you shouldn’t have issues with high bills. In fact, you will significantly reduce the overall utility bills. Check out these areas.

Windows and Door
The gaps and cracks on the windows and doors are some of the areas where most of the conditioned air leaks out. What you need to install caulks and weather stripes to seal that gaps that allow air to escape and the outside air to come in. Caulk is good for cracks and gaps that are around half-inch or less. For the larger gaps, use the expanding spray.

Plumbing and Electrical Ducts
These are another set of areas in the house or office where air leaks are common. You need to check the condition of the areas where these ducts enter through the wall ceiling as well as the floor. Depending on the size of the gaps, you can use caulk or the expanding spray to fix them.

Air Ducts
These are the ducts that connect the HVAC system to the air circulating in the house. If they have breakages where the heated cooled air escapes, then you will have a problem with high energy bills. They need to be repaired or replaced.

Other parts that you need to consider is the roof, kitchen exhaust fan, attic, electric
outlets and switch plates.

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