Measuring The Air Quality In Your Home

Many people these days are concerned about indoor air quality and its relation to asthma and other respiratory allergies. As a result, homeowners are more and more interested in AC duct cleaning, home disinfection, and air-conditioning cleaning. AC disinfection and humidity control are particularly important for preventing the formation of mold that can damage your indoor air quality.

With the development of technology, innovations are coming up in the field of air testing equipment as well, and a large number of breakthrough products are being invented each day. The products developed are airflow instruments which have advanced sensing technology that is required for accurate and reliable measuring the air quality in your home and specifications. HVAC and refrigeration equipment’s performance testing, investigating building and facility environments, industrial hygiene applications, and much more are where this equipment is used.

The product range includes items such as handheld particle counters, flow hoods, anemometers, IAQ monitors, dust monitors, fume hood testing tools, air flow sensor, sound, and vibration meters, etc. The equipment provides rich insights to the tester regarding the testing performed such as tracer gas test, worker condition test, occupation safety test, and automotive quality checks.

The usage of these instruments in the science and technology world is immense, but extends to other fields of common use also, such as the indoor environment of working space, dust monitoring in the factory, automotive parts testing. These state-of-the-art devices such as airflow meter have built-in Bluetooth wireless capability so that data can be transferred to any paired device, apart from having memory and averaging capabilities. To add to this, these meters come with velocity grid and airfoil to measure velocity and pressure and have prestigious Nist Traceable Calibration certifications.

In all, these meters provide solutions with the highest degree of accuracy to the user and are beneficial for high resolution pressuring measurement activities. The presence of prestigious and reliable ISO certification ensures a high degree of standard in the testing of the air flow and its various parameters like dust and fumes content, air temperature, airflow velocity, etc. The accuracy is maintained to the level of 2% m.v., which ensures the highest possible accurate measurement even at turbulent or high-velocity airflow.

However, though using a dehumidifier to remove moisture from your home to improve indoor air quality and prevent the growth of mold and mildew can work, the controls on conventional dehumidifiers are often imprecise. As a result, A/C cleaning companies will often recommend the purchase of a humidistat in order to measure the RH in your home more accurately. Sometimes called humidity meters, humidistats are devices that are similar to thermostats, but instead of measuring temperature, they measure RH. They can be added to devices like dehumidifiers to directly control the indoor RH by adjusting the system’s settings for maximum moisture control.

That said, AC disinfection is very important since your air conditioner can also become a source of pollutants that damage indoor air quality. Therefore, in order to avoid asthma and respiratory allergies from airborne allergens, you should always consult with Dove AC for a consultation and quote. to ensure your use of air conditioning and measurement of air quality is effective.

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